Many older adults say they’d prefer to stay in their home for as long as possible in their later years. 

If you want to support an aging parent or other loved one in this choice, you may be considering hiring someone to help them out at with daily tasks at home.

How much a nursing home charges depends on its geographic location, staffing levels, the complexity of care offered and the facility’s size and quality.

Before opening a discussion about a potential nursing home stay, it’s helpful to understand the likely fees for room, board and basic care, and also those for special services that may be needed. 

As you’re weighing senior care options for yourself or an elderly loved one, cost is likely a top deciding factor. 

Depending on what level of care care your loved one needs, assisted living can be much more affordable than long-term in-home care or nursing home care.

An alternative to at-home care for someone with dementia is a residential community that specializes in dementia care. Known as “memory care,” such housing is increasingly under development as cases of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia rise.

You’re in good company if the thought of moving into an independent senior living community tempts you from time to time, but you dismiss it with the thought that it’s out of your reach financially, or that you don’t yet need the services offered. 

But, as with any important life decision, you do yourself a disservice when you make assumptions rather than investigating for yourself.